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Sport plays an important role in maintaining physical fitness and health. Various kinds of sports can do for a healthy body. Walking, running, cycling, swimming is some kind of a good sport. In addition to keeping the sport fitness also create a healthy heart. 
Heart disease is one of the most frequent causes of death. vegasliga365 game slot terpcaya  When viewed from the causes, heart disease is caused by two factors: genetic factors or risk factors heredity and lifestyle behaviors. For genetic factors alone are also not absolute lowered, just makes a person at greater risk compared with no history of disease descent. Lifestyle factors influencing behavior, both in terms of lifestyle and diet. Unhealthy lifestyle and also fatty foods full anywhere cholesterol can cause blockage of blood flow that can lead to heart disease. 
Cholesterol-containing foods will make the blood flow is interrupted. When the blood flow is not smooth or disrupted due to a blockage in the blood vessels, the work of the heart to pump blood becomes more severe. This will have an impact not good for heart health. Well, keep your diet and also exercise regularly to facilitate blood flow. 
When notice of the type of cause, especially the latter, heart disease due to lifestyle and diet, then by changing into a more healthy lifestyle and eating a healthy diet will help prevent heart disease. Some foods rich in potassium is great for heart health, and do not forget to reduce food with high salt content. 
Sports Good For Heart Health 
Exercise is good for health and fitness. However, not all types of sports good to make heart healthy and strong. Choose a sport that has a regular rhythm and not classified as vigorous exercise that stimulate the heart high. Here are some great exercise for heart health. 
1. Walk 
Get used to walk in a variety of activities, in addition to low-walking is good for health. If your office location adjacent to the house, could start walking activity, every day the way to the office. Feel the benefits for health. 
2. Run 
This sport is at the core of various types of sports that are currently known. Running really is a basic exercise that can increase stamina, fitness, and also strength. For heart health, do a run at a steady pace for at least 15 minutes. 
3. Cycling 
This activity is now starting to become a trend among people who want to maintain health. Cycling activity to maintain a healthy heart should be done with a regular tempo. Do it gradually to get healthy heart. For you who are just starting to cycling not immediately devoured large portions. Customize with your ability and the ability of the heart. 
3. Swim
Do you know that swimming is great exercise for health. situs judi online terpercaya Do the same with other sports, do it with rhythm remains to strengthen the heart. Customize with ability and do it gradually to obtain long distance. Swimming is also a sport that makes all the limbs move. 
Similarly, a short article about heart health, especially sports that can strengthen the heart. Do it gradually and with regular tempo. Balance is also a healthy lifestyle and nutritious foods.
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